Jumping for joy to transform the experience of hospitalized kids.

Every $35 Raised Impacts One Hospitalized Kid

Jump For Their Joy

Starlight Kid Genesis with baby shark toy delivery

About Starlight

Hospitalized kids are often scared, alone, and facing painful treatments. That's why Starlight exists, to bring happiness to hospitalized kids when they need it the most. Because happiness matters. 

Starlight Kid Grace wearing a Starlight Hospital Gown

Meet Grace

11-year-old Grace lights up every room. She loves the distraction and entertainment of Starlight Toy Deliveries when she goes in for oncology appointments to treat the leukemia she was diagnosed with in 2021. 

Starlight Kid Finn at doctor visit

Meet Finn

Finn is an energetic, outgoing 8-year-old born with a congenital heart defect (CHD.) Starlight Gowns and Hero Wagons have made all the difference in his treatment, which has included over eighteen procedures. 

Starlight Kid Emma in Radio Flyer Hero Wagon

Meet Emma

In 2021, Emma’s parents took her in for what they thought was a simple ankle injury. After some testing, she was diagnosed with leukemia and started treatment immediately. Through it all, Starlight Hero Wagons have been a bright spot. 

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How it Works

Sign Up and Set Your Fundraising Goal

For every $35, you will bring joy and transform a child's hospital experience. How many kids do you want to impact?

Jump For Joy

Go solo or recruit a team, then choose how many jumps you will do each day of the challenge.

Rally Your Community

Share your fundraising page with your friends and family. Ask them to donate to help you reach your goal of impacting kids at hospitals in your local community.

Ways You Can Jump For Joy


Jumping Rope

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Your Way

Get jumping! Whether you want to jump rope, do jumping jacks, box jumps, or jump your own way, join the Star Jump Challenge and raise funds for hospitalized kids in your area.

Bring Joy to Your

Local Children's Hospitals

All funds raised through Star Jump Challenge will support Starlight programs.

Starlight Hero Wagon

When a child needs to move from their hospital bed to a treatment room, it’s a scary moment of change. The Starlight Hero Wagon transforms that moment with a fun ride and provides a source of comfort. 

Starlight Hospital Gowns

The transition from a child’s clothes to a hospital gown is one of the most stressful moments in a child’s hospital journey. Starlight Hospital Gowns transform that moment with comfort, joy, and inspiration.

Starlight Virtual Reality

Basic procedures like changing a dressing for a burn are highly traumatic for a child, often requiring them to be sedated. Starlight VR allows kids to “escape” and be immersed in different worlds while undergoing these procedures.

Starlight Nintendo Gaming Station

Hospital stays can be long, boring, and stressful. The Starlight Nintendo Gaming Stations provide kids with a sense of normalcy, distraction, and a way to connect with their friends, and siblings.

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